Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hello Darling!

Hello there those of you unfortunate enough to stumble onto this blog, and welcome! On this blog we intend to ramble about movies and shows from all over the world under the guise of reviewing them. This is not our job, we do not get paid for it, and is a wonderful waste of time which I hope it won't be for you as we would like to help those out there who might want to watch a few foreign films or look out for content in our own media. Here we do not discriminate! We will review the old with the new! Those things you've already read a million reviews for and those things you have never before heard mentioned! And, if you feel so inclined, we may even take suggestions in the comments for movies and shows to watch and be reviewed in the future (I will warn you now though that we will undoubtedly take forever to get to them because we are very lazy!) so long as they aren't horrendously foul! For our first few reviews we will be following the images of our collage and starting sometime next week (Wednesday? Maybe Thursday) we intend to jump-start with our first review being BBC's The Bletchely Circle. Until then!

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